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IECS International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conferences – Las Vegas 2012

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IECS (International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conferences) Spa and Wellness Show in Las Vegas June 9-11th was a whirwind tour! Three amazing days of whitening and brightening, sometimes 6 people at a time. Here is Amy G. pictured in all her whitening glory! Thousands of estheticians, hairdressers, salon and spa owners from around the globe attended the show and many had their pearlies whitened by yours truly. Countless aftercare whitening pens were sold and many mobile whitening kits will be drop shipped to salons worldwide via the glorious and wondrous Mr. Tyler S (whose blue t-shirt and bulging bicep are featured here in the right-hand corner of the picture–if I thought you could handle more I wouldn’t have cropped him out, maybe I’ll include a shot of his right side when he comes back to Las Vegas for the Tanning Expo in a couple days.) Big thanks to Maria C. for her whitening and sales expertise. Day three I was able to make the rounds to the thousands of booths in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center to take a look at all the yummy beauty products and meet with owners and chemists in order to start researching products that will be sold here on my E Commerce store very soon! Get ready people. I will showcase Amazing Spa and Beauty Products, Cosmetics and innovating new beauty gadgets sure to get you a 2nd and 3rd look from passersby. You will be able to order and have them conventiently shipped to your doorstep taking full advantage of the fruits of my labor. I am working diligently and shall have my shop up and in place in the very, very near future. Please stay tuned.

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